Residents in Darlington have hit out at roadworks in the town centre after arguing that the council has “dug up every road at the same time.”

Nearly every major road into the town is currently undergoing roadworks including Coniscliffe Road, Woodland Road and the A167 at Beaumont Hill.

Councillors have argued that this is the “best time to do it” as it is “not hugely affecting the traffic the way it would when the schools are on.”

However, residents have been left questioning whether there are “any roads left in Darlington open to car drivers.”

The Northern Echo: The roadworks on Woodland Road Picture: CONNOR LARMANThe roadworks on Woodland Road Picture: CONNOR LARMAN

One person on Facebook said: “We’ve got bike lanes sprouting up all over the place for the three cycles who use them every six months and road closures at every turn.

Another person added: “It’s crazy they have decided to dig up every road at the same time. I thought I was safe on the edge of town til I came home about to turn up South Park.”

Another person added: “I'm 100% with you, so bloody annoying and a waste of time and money.”

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Others, however, have not been as quick to criticise the roadworks, with some agreeing with the works to increase bicycle users.

Another person added: “This group is either whining about potholes or whining about roads getting fixed.”

Councillors at Darlington Borough Council say they “absolutely understand the frustration.”

John Dulston, leader of Darlington Borough Council, said: “What I’d say is be patient because we’re trying to get the roads into a better condition and this is the best way to do it.

The Northern Echo: The roadworks on Coniscliffe Road Picture: CONNOR LARMAN]The roadworks on Coniscliffe Road Picture: CONNOR LARMAN]

“I’ve sat in some of these queues over the last couple of weeks myself and I’ve asked questions of officers. They’ve taken me through the science behind it.”

However, Mr Duston stressed that the roads are 33% quieter in some cases during the holidays.

He added: “This is the opportunity for us to get the roads upgraded whilst people are either on holiday or not travelling so much on the roads.”

Cllr Andy Keir, cabinet member for local services, agreed that during the holidays was the “best time to do it."

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He added: “We try and stagger them so we don’t have two or three roads closed at the same time.”

Cllr Gerald Lee argued that although “no one likes roadworks, these things have to be done.”

He added: “The council try to do it when the weather is good so we don’t waste time.

“Highways have planned to do it at the best time when traffic is not as busy with the holidays.”

The Northern Echo: The roadworks near Coniscliffe Road Picture: CONNOR LARMANThe roadworks near Coniscliffe Road Picture: CONNOR LARMAN

Labour councillor Chris McEwan agreed that there is “a bit of a feel that there’s more inconvenience than normal.”

He added: “We’ve got to do our utmost to ensure that residents are inconvenienced as little as possible.

“Some inconvenience is a necessary evil but I’m not assured really that we’ve done our utmost to minimise it.”

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