Radio presenter Chris Moyles has shocked a number of pub-goers after dropping into a village boozer for a pint while on his travels in the North East. 

Those drinking at The Tan Hill Inn pub, Richmond, might not have expected to see the Radio X personality while sitting down for a lunchtime drink on Monday (August 1) - but were said to be shocked when he arrived. 

Moyles, who is originally from Leeds, was reportedly in the area after broadcasting and playing a set at music festival Kendal Calling last weekend - and was looking for a spot to go for a drink. 

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Dressed in a black cap, blue joggers and a black jacket, the broadcaster greeted fans and the owners of The Tan Hill Inn, while also taking pictures with some of those at the venue.

The 48-year-old, who found fame on his local radio station, before moving up the ranks to BBC Radio 1 from 1997 to 2012, has been at Radio X for seven years and has met some of the biggest musical names.

However, on Monday, he swapped out meeting star-studded names for delighted locals down the pub. 

Here is the post from The Tan Hill Inn pub:

As well as catching attention at The Tan Hill Inn, the radio presenter also got attention on social media after the Richmond-based pub posted several photos of him on social media - which has got over 2000 likes on Facebook.

Alongside the comments about how great it was to see him out and about, lots of people mentioned that the 48-year-old could now call it "his home" after doing a Radio X broadcast from The Tan Hill Inn earlier this year.

The Northern Echo: Chris Moyles enjoying a drink in the pub. Picture: THE TAN HILL INNChris Moyles enjoying a drink in the pub. Picture: THE TAN HILL INN

Many people also mentioned how 'unrecognisable' the Leeds-born broadcaster was after not seeing a picture of him for a while. 

Taking to social media, one user wrote: "I didn't recognise him, he's lost a lot of weight, I do remember him saying on the radio that he was going to the gym and running. I think he looks good, while another added: "I wouldn't have recognised him."

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