As petrol prices remain high across the UK, a damning new ranking of European countries that have acted on fuel prices sees the UK rank among the bottom nations.

The 5p per litre reduction implemented by the UK in March is dwarfed by fuel tax cuts enjoyed by drivers in countries such as Germany (25.1p per litre), Italy (21.2p per litre), Portugal (16.2p per litre), the Netherlands (14.7p per litre) and Ireland (14.5p per litre).

Of the 15 European Union states that have not taken steps to lower pump prices since March, all but six already charge less fuel duty than the UK.

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UK petrol prices finally started falling in recent days after pressure on retailers to reflect a drop in wholesale costs which began seven weeks ago.

But the UK still has a higher average petrol price of 186p per litre than all European Union members except Finland (190p) and Denmark (also 186p).

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “UK pump prices might be finally starting to fall, but the reductions so far are too little and too late, given the massive wholesale price drops retailers have been benefiting from for nearly two months.”

Given that the price of fuel is still at a high, and it is having a significant impact on households through the cost-of-living crisis, The Northern Echo has put together the cheapest fuel prices across County Durham and Darlington.

Here is what we have found:


  • ASDA Darlington – petrol: 174.7p, diesel: 190.7p
  • JET Darlington Road (Newton Park) – petrol: 174.9p, diesel: 188.9p
  • ESSO Stockton Road – petrol: 174.9p, diesel: 192.9p
  • Sainsburys – petrol: 175.9p, diesel: 187.9p
  • BP Stockton Road – 179.9p, diesel: 189.9p

Durham city

  • Esso Durham (St Giles) – petrol: 175.9p, diesel: 190.9p
  • Sainsburys Durham – petrol: 176.9p, diesel: 190.9p
  • Gulf A690 (Bells Hill) – petrol: 177.9p, diesel: 187.9p
  • BP Frederick Street North – petrol: 179.9p, diesel: 192.9p
  • Jet A177 (Bowburn) – petrol: 179.9p, diesel: 192.9p

Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor

  • Jet B6282 (Etherley Moor) – petrol: 169.9p, diesel: 183.9p
  • ASDA Bishop Auckland – petrol: 172.7p, diesel: 184.7p
  • ASDA Spennymoor – petrol: 172.7p, diesel: 184.7p
  • Sainsburys Bishop Auckland – petrol: 172.9p, diesel: 184.9p
  • Jet Staindrop Road – petrol: 173.9p, diesel: 186.9p

Chester-le-Street (including Washington and Team Valley)

  • Sainsburys Team Valley – petrol: 175.9p, diesel: 192.9p
  • Sainsburys Durham – petrol: 176.9p, diesel: 190.9p
  • ESSO North View Terrace – petrol: 176.9p, diesel: 187.9p
  • Sainsburys Washington – petrol: 176.9p, diesel: 186.9p
  • Jet Quarry Row – petrol: 176.9p, diesel: 186.9p

Seaham and Peterlee (including Sunderland)

  • ASDA Sunderland – petrol: 173.9p, diesel: 183.7p
  • Sainsburys Sunderland – petrol: 174.9p, diesel: 190.9p
  • Shell Ryhope Road – petrol: 178.9p, diesel: 190.9p
  • Jet Seaham – petrol: 179.9p, diesel: 192.9p
  • Morrisons Doxford Park – petrol: 179.9p, diesel: 186.7p

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