Despite a cold and mostly dull weekend we might be in for a warmer and brighter week, according to the Met Office.

Although many will have woken up to cloud and isolated showers this morning, things are set to improve.

It is set to be a mostly “fine” and “warm day” today with isolated showers clearing by the afternoon.

Sunshine is set to turn hazy throughout the afternoon as cloud thickens during the day.

However, a maximum temperature of 23c has been predicted for the region.

The Northern Echo: Weather in Darlington todayWeather in Darlington today

In Darlington, highs of 22c are expected with sunshine throughout most of the afternoon.

Rain is unlikely until around 9pm when there is an 80% chance of rain.

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Highs of 22c have also been predicted in Durham with cloudy sunshine expected throughout the afternoon.

Rain is also unlikely with a 10 per cent chance for much of the late afternoon and evening increasing to 50 per cent at 9pm.

In Middlesbrough, temperatures are expected to be a bit warmer at 23C.

What’s the weather like for the rest of the week?

Tomorrow things are set to be breezy, humid and largely cloudy with further outbreaks of rain across the region.

The Northern Echo: The weather in Darlington tomorrowThe weather in Darlington tomorrow

However, some eastern parts of the region will see drier and brighter weather as well as feeling warm.

A maximum temperature of 23C has been predicted.

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Looking ahead to Wednesday, temperatures are set to be cooler with outbreaks of rain and cloud in the morning.

The Northern Echo: The temperatures across the UK tomorrowThe temperatures across the UK tomorrow

However, it will turn drier and brighter for most of the region throughout the rest of the day.

Thursday and Friday are set to be fresher and cooler, however, with further variable cloud and isolated showers.

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