When it comes to North Yorkshire seaside towns the first place people will think about is Whitby, their second thought will then probably be fish and chips.

We’ve pulled together a list of all the best fish and chip shops in the famous seaside town.

Venues on this list range from the more pricey and sophisticated fish and chip shop to your classic fish and chip takeaway.

However, what they all share in common are the great reviews they have received across the board.

Here are the top 10 best fish and chip shops in Whitby according to TripAdvisor:

1. The Fisherman’s Wife, Khyber Pass, Whitby

The Northern Echo: The Fisherman's Wife Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWThe Fisherman's Wife Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

Kicking things off is the, aptly named, Fisherman’s  Wife, which offers a more up-market take on the classic fish and chips.

Described as a “superb” seafood restaurant on its TripAdvisor description the venue prides itself on high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients.

The restaurant is very well rated with 1,381 “excellent” five-star reviews out of a total of 2,183 reviews altogether.

The business has also scored itself a TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice Award.

One person said: “We enjoyed The Fisherman's Wife so much we ate there twice. The battered Crevettes were exceptional.

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“Both meals we had there were delicious, well cooked and lovely. The staff were friendly and attentive without being obtrusive.”

2. Robertson’s Chips Away, Bridge Street, Whitby

The Northern Echo: Robertson's Chips Away Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWRobertson's Chips Away Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

Taking a more traditional approach, Chips Away is your classic fish and chip takeaway with some, mostly, good reviews.

The venue has scored itself a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award and has also secured great scores in all aspects from food to atmosphere.

Currently, the business has 358 five-star reviews and 144 four-star reviews out of a total of 612 reviews altogether.

One person said: “We're a family of 3, one of whom is vegan so it was great to find out about a chippy that not only cooks chips in vegetable oil but offers a variety of tasty vegan-friendly battered options too.

“For those that eat fish, the offering is also delicious”

3. Hadley’s Fish and Chips, Bridge Street, Whitby

The Northern Echo: Hadley's Fish and Chips Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWHadley's Fish and Chips Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

Also picking itself up a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award, this fish and chip shop also offers the more traditional fish and chips, whether you want to takeaway or eat in.

The venue has scored itself good scores across the board on food, service, value and atmosphere.

With 961 five-star reviews and 465 four-star reviews out of 1,711 reviews in total, the business is quite fairly reviewed.

One person said it was their “favourite chip shop in Whitby.”

They added: “My favourite place for fish and chips in Whitby. We always sit in the restaurant, I wouldn't dare eat outside as those seagulls will have your dinner.

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“Lovely service and food great as usual. Fish was beautiful, sorry no picture as ate it before I realised pot of Yorkshire tea to finish off was lovely too.

“Many thanks again and will visit again next time.”

4. Quayside, Pier Road, Whitby

The Northern Echo: Quayside Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWQuayside Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

Quayside is another more up-market fish and chip option with prices set at around £27.

The venue is one of many to secure itself a TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice Award a long with four-and-a-half-stars in food and service.

With 1,725 five-star reviews and 830 four-star reviews out of a total of 3,230 reviews, you can see why the venue is loved so much.

One person said: “Their chips were amazing, they just melted in the mouth, the fish was also extremely good.

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“We ate on one of the many benches overlooking the harbour, it was the hottest day recorded (July 22).

“Plenty of seagulls around but none paid us any attention, no doubt thanks to others not feeding them in the past.

“Highly recommended if the weather is good.”

5. Papa’s Fish and Chips Whitby, Baxtergate, Whitby

Although this venue hasn’t yet picked up a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice award, it offers a great selection of seafood selection along with sitting or takeaway options.

The business has secured itself four-and-a-half stars out of five in service, food, value.

Reviews also don’t disappoint with Pap’s Fish and Chips Whitby securing 661 five-star reviews out of a total of 918 reviews altogether.

One person said: “We had a great family meal at Papa's in Whitby. The food was fantastic (portion sizes were enormous too), as was the service provided by Tyler J.

“All of the staff were very friendly and a special mention to the duty manager.

“Just one suggestion, to upgrade your machines to allow customers to leave tips by card.”

6. Eskdale Fisheries, Coach Road Sleights, Whitby

The Northern Echo: Eskdale Fisheries Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWEskdale Fisheries Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

This fish shop has secured itself four-and-a-half stars in food, service, value and atmosphere with some reviewers claiming it’s the best fish and chips they’ve had.

Eskdale Fisheries has also snagged itself a TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice award.

With 208 five-star reviews and 53 four-star reviews out of a total of 303 reviews altogether you can see why.

One person said: “Been a couple of years ago when it was great and visited again whilst on holiday in the Whitby area. "

“Still just as good fish chips and mushy peas bread and butter and pot of tea all excellent and great service. Five out of five again highly recommended.”

7. Magpie Café, Pier Road, Whitby

The Northern Echo: The Magpie Cafe Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWThe Magpie Cafe Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

Another venue offering a more up-market fish and chip shop experience, Magpie Café has been praised for its mussels and crayfish tails.

The venue is certainly popular as it currently has 8,860 reviews - the most reviewed business on our list.

And many of those reviews are good with this being another venue to pick up a TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice Award.

5,762 reviews are five-star and 1,663 reviews are four-star the total.

One reviewer said: “Was slightly worried that its reputation may have been too hyped up, but the food was superb.

“We did have to wait about 40 minutes despite being the 1st sitting of customers, however, the service was great, staff were very pleasant and the food was very tasty indeed.

“Definitely the most expensive fish and chips we’ve ever had but we enjoyed ever mouthful.”

8. Silver Street Fisheries, Silver Street, Whitby

The Northern Echo: Silver Street Fisheries Picture: CONNOR LARMANSilver Street Fisheries Picture: CONNOR LARMAN

Back with the more traditional takeaway-style fish and chips, Silver Street Fisheries is another great option if you’re looking for a classic British dish with no fuss.

Snagging itself a TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice Award, the venue has scored almost five-stars in food, service and value.

Although the venue seems to have picked up a few bad reviews recently, on the whole it has received 620 five-star reviews and 111 four-star reviews out of 815 altogether.

One person said: “Perfect fish and chips. Crispy batter, flakey fish and chips that actually have flavour and colour.

“The best chips I have eaten in a long time.”

9. Trenchers, New Quay Road, Whitby

The Northern Echo: Trenchers Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWTrenchers Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

Trenchers is another well-reviewed business with over 5,000 reviews altogether.

The business has picked up a TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers Choice Award and offers another more fine-dining experience with fish and chips.

Offering a much wider range of seafood dishes, it’s no wonder the business has picked up almost four-and-a-half stars in food and service.

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Trenchers has received 3,523 five-star reviews and 1,014 four-star reviews out of a total of 5,144 reviews altogether.

One person said: “Great service, speedy lovely and clean. The staff were friendly and attentive, but not 'in your face'.....and the BEST fish pie I've ever had!!”

10. Royal Fisheries, Baxtergate, Whitby

The Northern Echo: Royal Fisheries Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEWRoyal Fisheries Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW

Another traditional fish and chip shop, Royal Fisheries comes in first place as the best fish and chip shop in Whitby according to TripAdvisor.

The venue has scored four-and-a-half stars in food, service and value and four stars in atmosphere.

Although the venue only has 567 reviews altogether, 387 of those are five-stars and 119 are four-stars.

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One person said: “One of the best fish and chip suppers we have had in Whitby and we have tried nearly everyone … will definitely be back Lovely portion size and friendly staff. Thank you.”

Another person added: “The best fish and chips ever tasted, and I've tried almost every chippy in Whitby.

“Succulent fish and those crinkle cut chips beautiful. Also pleasant and friendly staff.”