A man who denies taking part in the robbery of a delivery driver at a university college is to stand trial later in the year.

Police received a report that two men had broken into the back of a van delivering to Trevelyan College, Durham, on April 11 this year.

The robbers fled in a car having taken possession of some of the driver’s possessions.

Dillon Barnes and alleged accomplice William Bogie were arrested the following day and charged with robbery.

Barnes, 41, of Hylton Street, Millfield, Sunderland, admits robbery, plus making off without payment of £50 worth of petrol from a filling station.

Co-accused William Bogie, 44, of Capulet Terrace, Hendon, Sunderland, denies robbery.

Judge Ray Singh adjourned the case pending the trial of Mr Bogie, at the court, on October 3.

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He must submit his statement outlining his defence to the court by August 12.

Judge Singh remanded Barnes to remain in custody until the trial of his co-accused, after which he will be sentenced.

The judge told him: “What you must understand, firmly and clearly, even though I’m adjourning that it will be anything other than a custodial sentence and one of some length that will be passed.”

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