Brits entering Spain may have to follow new entry requirements and prove that they can afford their stay.

Under the new rules, holidaymakers may be forced to prove that they have at least 100 euros per person per day of the trip.

The Spanish Ministry del Interior says that foreigners must prove they have the “economic resources” to enter.

This can be proven with cash, certified checks or credit cards.

It reads: “The availability by foreigners of the indicated economic means  will be accredited by displaying them, in the event that they have them in cash, or by presenting certified checks, traveller's checks, payment letters, or credit cards, which must be accompanied by the bank account statement or an up-to-date bank book (letters from banks or Internet bank statements will not be accepted) or any other means that reliably proves the amount available as credit of the aforementioned card or Bank account.”

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Without this proof, the website states, you will not be granted entry into Spain: “In the event that, when carrying out the control of the entry of persons into Spanish territory, it is verified that a foreigner lacks sufficient economic resources for the time he wishes to remain in Spain and to continue his trip to the country of destination or to return to the country of origin, or does not have the nominative, non-transferable and closed ticket or tickets, in the means of transport that they intend to use, their entry into Spanish territory will be denied as established by law.”

Spain recently updated guidance for tourists who test positive for Covid-19 whilst on holiday.

While there is no need to self-isolate if you test positive for Covid in Spain, you should inform direct contacts and take the following extra precautionary measures for 10 days from diagnosis or from when symptoms began.

These measures include wearing a mask, reducing your social interaction and avoiding large events and crowded spaces, and avoiding contact with people who are deemed high risk.

Hotels and accommodation providers may have their own rules and protocols for Covid-19, so you should be aware of these before you travel.