In case you hadn’t noticed, if you live or work in the North East, it’s time for change.

From Teesworks as the emblem of that change, with its vast scale and billions of pounds worth of potential to the smallest business and each individual invested in its future, the region is not the same place as it was five years ago, and in five years’ time it will be unrecognisable again.

As Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen points out on Page 30 today, there is no question of ignoring the heritage that got us here. Steel and the people hewn from it are what gave us our identity - now is the time to adapt, not abandon.

As the echo of what is happening to our businesses and their workers, we are changing as well, with a much bigger focus on an online BUSINESSiQ conversation. That’s where you are, where you are giving your opinions and celebrating your successes, so we are growing our own contribution to that vital exchange of views, keeping you up to date with what’s happening, who’s driving it and what the effect will be for the whole region.

You’ve always been able to find us at and on LinkedIn as businessiqne, but now there will be more of a presence to cope with a deluge of stories and articles from across the North East.

We’ll still be in print with our quarterly magazine, on the BUSINESSiQ page every day in the Echo (with four pages on Wednesdays), but the region also wants to talk online and, as ever, we will be there with you.