New research has revealed that Whitby is among the most searched-for UK seaside holiday destinations for a summer staycation.

Google searches for “UK holiday” are at the highest they’ve been since the summer of 2020, when Brits were forced to holiday at home.

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In light of the findings, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has revealed the most popular UK seaside spots to visit this summer and Whitby in North Yorkshire comes in at number four, beaten only by Blackpool, Brighton and Llandudno.

The Google data also reveals that online demand for “UK holidays” has reached similar levels to that experienced in lockdown, as Brits search for other ways to have a holiday in the wake of the summer holiday cancellation chaos.

According to Google trends figures, interest in UK seaside holidays peaked in recent weeks following airport delays and flight cancellations.

And demand online for UK holidays is just six per cent short of the summer 2020 pandemic levels – when Brits were unable to holiday abroad due to the pandemic travel restrictions.

The Northern Echo: Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, the seaside town that tops the UK search list Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, the seaside town that tops the UK search list

Google searches for “UK holiday destinations” and “UK holidays” are up 23 per cent year on year and up 14 per cent month on month in May.

Robert Owen, director of marketing from Blackpool Pleasure Beach said: “It’s so exciting that the borders have opened, flights are boarding, and inbound and outbound travel can start again.

“It’s interesting to see, however, that there’s still a demand for UK staycations.

“Brits have cottoned on to the fact that there’s so much to do here in the UK.

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“Whether you’re visiting the South of France, Barcelona or a UK seaside town, you’ll see much of the same: beaches, amusement parks and lots of family fun.

“It’s such a shame to see so many holiday plans ruined amid the airport chaos, especially after the difficulties presented by the pandemic.

“It really does go to show how amazing staycations can be – you don’t have to worry about cancelled flights or long delays, you can be in charge of your own travel plans.

“While it may have taken a worldwide pandemic for Brits to recognise the perks of holidaying in the UK, it’s great to see it’s here to stay.”

The most popular seaside locations for UK holidays in 2022 according to Google search data are:

1. Blackpool - “Blackpool hotels” 60,500 Google searches a month

2. Brighton - “Brighton hotels” 49,500 Google searches a month

3. Llandudno - “Llandudno hotels” 22,200 Google searches a month

4. Whitby - “Whitby hotels” 22,200 Google searches a month

5. Bath - “Bath hotels” 22,200 Google searches a month

6. Weymouth - “Weymouth hotels” 14,800 Google searches a month

7. Tenby - “Tenby hotels” 12,100 Google searches a month

8. Hastings - “Hastings hotels” 9,900 Google searches a month

9. Lyme Regis - “Lyme Regis hotels” 6,600 Google searches a month

10. St Andrews - “St Andrews hotels” 6,600 Google searches a month