THE Killers are one of the biggest rock bands on the planet and on Wednesday evening they played their greatest hits – Mr Brightside, Human, Somebody Told Me, Spaceman – to thousands of cheering fans at a packed Riverside stadium. The show had been cancelled twice due to Covid, and people were just glad to be back out again, enjoying themselves in huge crowds, even queuing in good humour in the huge lines that formed for every purchase or trip to the toilet.

But the biggest cheer of the evening came when the cameras beamed an image of the Queen onto the big screens behind the band. Someone in the crowd had brought a life-size cut-out of Her Majesty to the concert and was waving it joyously above their heads.

Not only did people cheer, but many spontaneously rose to their feet to applaud.

Yesterday’s events in London were of a very different nature. The pomp, ceremony and majesty that Britain does so well and with great authenticity. Thousands had lined the streets for hours to get a glimpse of the parades and, hopefully, catch sight of the 96-year-old monarch on the palace balcony.

Her Majesty did not disappoint.

All across our towns and villages there were parties and gatherings of all different characters. Some were beery and noisy; others were churchy and dignified. Each to his own, but every one of them was an expression of respect for Her Majesty, of thanks for her service, and of pride in the nation which she heads.

The Queen probably does not know the words to Mr Brightside and nor could she answer the Killers’ question about being human or dancer, but after all these years she is still killing it as far as the British people are concerned.