THE Government is looking after their own sponsors and saying to hell with the rest of us, some Northern Echo readers have said after they voiced their concerns over the cost of living crisis.

Northern Echo readers have voiced their concerns with many calling on the Government to do more as we launch a brand new campaign.

This week, we've launched Your Money Matters - our campaign to help you overcome the surge in the cost of living.

This year has seen a whole host of household price increases - from the energy price cap rise to surging inflation and food prices - costing your family hundreds or even thousands of pounds extra per year.

Here at The Northern Echo, we’re making it our mission to look out for your cash, offering money-saving deals, competitions, giveaways and insightful stories from your community on the impact this cost of living crisis is having on our readers like you.

This is what you had to say

We asked Northern Echo readers their biggest concerns with the cost of living crisis, with one person saying it was “a national disgrace.”

One person said: “Come October, energy cost will swallow one third of my state pension. A single person on UC will have TWO THIRDS of their income swallowed up with energy costs.

“The fact the energy companies are making billions in profit makes this an absolute national disgrace. The government looking after their sponsors and to hell with the rest of us.”

One person pointed out that the Government “wrote off £8.7 billion in unusable PPE” but can’t help people with energy bills.

Andrew Stables said: “Wrote off £8.7billion in unuseable PPE sourced from donors but cannot help people with energy bills. Just imagine the increased VAT receipts they are collecting too at the moment.

Another person pointed out that the “cost-of-living crisis” had not yet began.

Howard Pearson said: “That what people are calling the cost of living crisis hasn't even begun.

“Much, much bigger increases on everything are due later this year. Yes some of its global but the majority is down to our inept govt decisions and Brexit.

“And it's these same people that we are looking at to come up with a solution.”

One person said that “everything” was their biggest concern as “literally everything is increasing.”

Stephen Gilroy added: “Everything! Because literally everything is increasing in cost except the wages, which in fact are actually decreasing due to tax and national insurance increases.

“Something has to give soon, it just can't continue like this.”

Another Facebook commentor concurred with the comment adding: “That it's just the beginning and it's going to get alot worse.

One person reminded readers that “we have two more years of this Government”

They said: “we have 2 more years of this government syphoning off yet more public money.

“Then when the election comes millions of idiots will vote for them again. That's the biggest concern facing us and many other places in the world, the rise of the right wing and all the problems it causes.

“But, mortgage is due for renewal and that's worrying me”


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