One of Darlington’s biggest businesses has helped a primary school bounce back from Covid restrictions.

After the lockdowns, Red Hall Primary School in Darlington wanted to do everything in their power to ensure their pupils were encouraged to play and learn outside and appreciate nature.

With funding help from engineering giant Cummins, the dream was made possible with the installation of a new Eco Outdoor Classroom on the school site, close to the woodland.

The classroom, still to be named by the children, has its own weather station with a wind turbine, and a solar panel on the roof which can be switched on during lessons to show children how energy is generated.

Executive Headteacher Julie Davidson explained “This amazing space gives our children more opportunities to enjoy lessons in the great outdoors, no matter the weather – a great place for our young people to work and learn.”

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Charmaine Du Verne, the Community Involvement Leader at Cummins said: “Over the past few years we have had the privilege of having Red Hall school as a Cummins community partner and worked closely with the school to identify any ways we could support them.

"It has been evidenced that children who learn outdoors are better behaved, more open to learning and during the pandemic, were also safer when learning outside. This eco hub allowed the school to do all of those things.

"We feel truly privileged to have been able to support Red Hall through the Cummins foundation in making their Eco Hub come to life.

"We are already looking to identify other projects we can support the school with going forward.