Dan Walker has announced he risked missing his final show as host of BBC Breakfast on Tuesday.

Speaking to fans he said: "Thank you for all the gorgeous messages that you're sending through about my final shift on BBC Breakfast tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it - if I actually manage to get there.

"I'm currently at the services on the M40 charging the electric vehicle. I had a travel-based issue and need to get it up to a significant enough charge to get all the way to Manchester."

He added: "I might get there very late tonight. I'm planning on about two and a half hours' sleep.

"So, if I look a bit fuddled in the morning, that's the reason why." Today, Dan was presenting his last ever show and told fans beforehand: "Last day and all that. I think you can see I’ve had under 3 hours sleep but I’m looking forward to seeing you on BBC1 from 6am with Sally Nugent."

Why is Dan Walker leaving breakfast?

Walker, who had been a fixture on the show since 2016, announced his departure earlier this month.

He leaves the BBC to join Channel 5 to become the lead anchor on 5 News.

Walker also previously presented the BBC’s Football Focus show from 2009 to 2021.

Channel 5 said his new remit will see him presenting recently relaunched flagship news bulletin 5 News, as well as “fronting a range of new programming on the channel”.