Two billion WhatsApp users worldwide have been issued an urgent warning over a message they should delete from their phones immediately.

A scam message posing as WhatsApp support is doing the rounds on the popular messaging platform trying to encourage users to reveal their personal details.

The warning comes from WhatsApp blog WABetaInfo which is urging users of the app to remain vigilant when using the service.

Scam WhatsApp message – what to look out for

The urgent WhatsApp warning relates to when you are chatting to a verified account.

When using WhatsAppa verified account will have a verified badge next to the contact name in the chat screen. Messages received from the WhatsApp scam account DOES NOT have this and users are being urged to remain vigilant as the fake account is trying to obtain personal details.

WABetaInfo say WhatsApp will never ask for details such as your credit car of two-step verification details.

What to do if you receive the WhatsApp scam message

Meta-owned WhatsApp is urging users to delete any messages from such accounts and immediately block the number.

Never hand over sensitive information when prompted not even to friends and family. Always double check people’s identities if there is any doubt.