Ocado has launched a new range of healthy and easy recipes inspired by Disney. 

The range features food inspired by much-loved characters including Moana, 101 Dalmatians, Lion King and Cars. 

The recipes range from £7 to £8 per meal, which serves four people working out at less than £2 per serving. 

Giovanna Fletcher, who is working with Ocado to launch the meals, said: “As a Mum of three I know how challenging it can be to cook with the kids, and especially encouraging them to try new, healthy foods – whether it’s fighting fussy eating habits, or simply finding the time.

The Northern Echo: Giovanna Fletcher cooking with children (Ocado)Giovanna Fletcher cooking with children (Ocado)

“My children love to immerse themselves in the world and stories of Disney characters, so these meal bundles are a really smart way of making mealtimes and cooking more magical for the family as a whole and introducing children to cooking from scratch – and healthy eating – from a younger age”.

The bundles include Cars-themed Traffic Light Burgers, Moana-themed Sail Away Lettuce Boats and 101 Dalmatians–themed Polka Dot Pizza.

The recipes include everything you need to make delicious meals for all the family and are easy to make at teatime.