YORKSHIRE Tea has suspended sales in Russia in protest of the Ukraine invasion.

A spokesperson for Taylors of Harrogate described how staff felt "deeply shocked and saddened" by the ongoing conflict.

In a statement, the spokesperson said President Vladimir Putin's actions went against Yorkshire Tea's values.

On behalf of Yorkshire Tea, the spokesperson said: "Like everyone, we’ve been deeply shocked and saddened by the invasion of Ukraine and our thoughts are with all those impacted.  

The Northern Echo: Graphic shows the Russian invasion of Ukraine, via PA.Graphic shows the Russian invasion of Ukraine, via PA.

"Our Ethical Trade and Human Rights Policy states that our values guide how we work with suppliers, customers and distributors. It includes the provision that we will not trade with individuals, entities, regions or countries where UK sanctions have been applied.

"While Russia has been an export market for some of our teas for several years, as a result of the invasion and the subsequent sanctions we’ve suspended trade."

It comes amid growing pressure on Western food and drink companies to stop sales in Russia or face boycotts.

Some of the world's biggest brands have been criticised on social media for failing to speak out about the attacks and continuing to operate in the country.

#BoycottMcDonalds and #BoycottCocaCola were trending on Twitter before both companies revealed temporary bans on sales in Russia.

KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Pepsi and Uniqlo are still continuing to operate despite the boycott calls. 

McDonald's has closed its restaurants in Russia whilst still paying employees.

Meanwhile Coca-Cola announced it would be suspending operations in Russia.