A digital version of Paul McCartney’s hand-written notes for The Beatles’ hit song Hey Jude has sold for over £50,000.

The item was sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) alongside an assortment of band memorabilia including guitars and outfits owned by John Lennon.

The digital auction in Los Angeles was organised by Lennon’s son, Julian Lennon, as part of Lennon Connection: The NFT Collection.

A total of £117,285 (158,720 USD) was made from the auction.

John Lennon 70th birthday
The digital auction in Los Angeles was organised by Julian Lennon (Dave Thompson/PA)

The notes written by McCartney on the well-known song were sold for a total of £56,750 (76,800 USD), making it the highest-value item sold at the event.

As well as several guitars gifted to Mr Lennon by his father, other items listed up for auction include John Lennon’s Magical Mystery Afghan Coat and the black cape he wore in the film Help!

The items went for a combined total of £16,500 (22,400 USD), as did a 1959 Gibson Les Paul, which was more than five times its estimated value.

Part of the proceeds from the items, sold in partnership with Julien’s auction house and YellowHeart NFT, will go to Julian Lennon’s White Feather Foundation.

“The Lennon Connection is a trailblazing NFT collection that set the template for how high-end collectible memorabilia will use NFTs,” said Josh Katz, chief executive and founder of YellowHeart.

“The highly successful sale demonstrates that fans are very interested in NFTs of these sought-after physical collectibles.”