THE partygate soap opera rolls on with the Met Police forcing an unexpected plot twist.

All of the shenanigans in Downing Street went on under the noses of heavily armed officers, who search everybody who goes into the building, no matter how many suitcases full of booze they are carrying, but they weren’t keen on investigating then.

They weren’t keen on investigating as public indignation grew over possible rule breaking; it is only belatedly this week that they have got involved.

And now that Sue Gray has completed her task, they appear to be preventing publication of her report in full, even though it can’t possibly prejudice any legal proceedings, should there be any.

Ms Gray’s report has to be published in its entirety. Half a report would be pointless.

Half a report would mean the left-out parts would be the most important. Half a report would leave the Prime Minister, and the country, in a horrible limbo, with Boris Johnson dangling and his government paralysed and the country not knowing how much they can trust their own PM.

We don’t believe that yesterday’s events amount to a stitch up by either Mr Johnson or the Met Police because, on the evidence that is available to us, neither party appears capable of organising such a thing.

The country is fed up with this soap opera. The national mood is changing from an outburst of outrage to a desire to pour ridicule on the stupidity of it all – ambush by a cake indeed!

Let’s get the report out there. We need a change of channel.