THE UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer is urging poultry keepers in North Yorkshire not to be complacent and to undertake the urgent biosecurity measures needed to help stop the spread of bird flu.

The stark warning from Christine Middlemiss comes as the UK faces its largest ever outbreak of bird flu with more than 60 cases confirmed since the start of November.

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In North Yorkshire alone, there are 12 infected premises with highly pathogenic bird flu.

An outbreak was also recently confirmed at a premises near Middleton-in-Teesdale, in Upper Teesdale.

To help mitigate the spread of disease, the Government introduced new housing measures last month which means that keepers of chickens, ducks, geese or any other birds are now legally required to keep them indoors and to follow strict biosecurity measures.

Anyone not complying could be fined.

Wild birds migrating to the UK and other wildlife spread the disease so it is vital to not allow wild birds to mix with domestic chickens, ducks, geese or other birds.

People can also spread the disease on their clothes and shoes so before going into bird enclosures, people should wash their hands, and change or disinfect footwear.

The UK Health Security Agency has confirmed that the risk to public health is very low and the Food Standards Agency has said that bird flu poses a very low food safety risk and it does not affect the consumption of poultry or eggs.

The Chief Veterinary Officer is reminding all poultry keepers that whilst the main source of infection comes from migratory wild birds, those failing to implement these measures risk infecting their own flocks by walking the virus into their holdings.

Ms Middlemiss said: “We have taken swift action to limit the spread of the disease including introducing housing measures.

"However we are seeing a growing number of bird flu cases both on commercial farms and in backyard birds right across the country, with a high number of cases in North Yorkshire.

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“Many poultry keepers have excellent biosecurity standards but the number of cases we are seeing suggests that not enough is being done to keep bird flu out.

"Whether you keep just a few birds or thousands you must take action now to protect your birds from this highly infectious disease.

“Implementing scrupulous biosecurity has never been more critical. You must regularly clean and disinfect your footwear and clothes before entering enclosures, stop your birds mixing with any wild birds and only allow visitors that are strictly necessary.

"It is your actions that will help keep your birds safe.” Dead bird finds should be reported to Defra on 03459-335577.


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