A 13-YEAR-OLD has become the latest member of his family to join Mensa.

It means the whole Bailey family, from Darlington, are now members of the club for people with high IQs.

Jacob, who was 12 when he took the two-hour test, joins brother Theo, mum Kathryn and dad David in the club, which is open to those whose IQ is in the top two per cent of the population.

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Jacob, who is a pupil at Carmel College, in Darlington, had to sit the adult test at a supervised session in Newcastle last month.

Mrs Bailey said: "It's been lovely that Jacob and Theo's friends have been so supportive and pleased for them and it's really boosted their self-esteem to experience this sense of achievement, especially after all the difficult times with the Covid-19 situation.

"We're just so proud of everything about our boys, they have done well academically and with these assessments but they are also such caring, friendly, fun and popular boys who love all the typical things that other boys their age enjoy, such as computer games, taekwondo, music, scouts and just being with their friends."

Theo, 9, was accepted into Mensa this year after getting 147 on his IQ test. The boys wanted to see what their IQs were after their mum decided to give it a go at the start of the year. Mr Bailey has been a member since he was 23.

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