OVER 60,000 people who care for loved ones across North Yorkshire are being urged to know their rights and find out what assistance is on offer to help them cope,

Around one in ten of the county's population look after someone who could not manage without their help.

Many have a right to have their needs assessed, this can be done through www.northyorks.gov.uk/carer-assessment . This will consider what people want to achieve including work, training, social activities and wellbeing.The Carers UK website has all the information about benefits carers and the people they care for might be entitled too.

Support groups are available across North Yorkshire for adult and young carers, offering practical and emotional support, go to www.northyorks.gov.uk/carer-support-groups-and-organisations

A carer’s emergency card will identify people as carers if they have an accident or are unable to identify yourself, and registration through GP's as a carer on medical records can also help.

Carers’ Rights Day is on November 25 and the county council is working towards making it the day people ensure they know their rights. Cllr Michael Harrison, Executive Member for Adult Services said: "The work carers do is invaluable and is appreciated, particularly as the pandemic remains with us.

"It’s important anyone who is caring for a loved one in this way has access to the right support, and at the County Council we have measures and information available to help to make sure this happens.

"Whether you are a new carer or have been caring for someone for some time, it is important to understand your rights and to access the support available to you as soon as you need it and be confident about asking for what is available."

Cllr Andrew Lee, Executive Member for Public Health said many carers do incredible work day in, day out with some who are caring for loved ones not even realising that is what they are doing. He added: "They may see it as part of their responsibility, so it is important to recognise and support them, to make sure they can find the help they need.

"The events of the pandemic have put more pressure than ever on carers, so I thank them for everything they continue to do."

To find out more, visit Carers UK, call 0800 055 6112 or visit the groups website at www.carersuk.org