A CLIMATE group will protest at a North East beach on Saturday as part of a global day of action to protest sewage being leaked into the sea.

The Surfers Against Sewage group will meet at Saltburn beach in protest for the government to do more about climate change and prevent water companies being allowed to leak sewage into the sea.

Edith Reeve organiser of the event who lives in Saltburn, said: “We’re meeting at the promenade at Saltburn at 10.45am. We’re encouraging people to wear their wetsuits and swimsuits and to bring banners or whatever they can think of to voice their message. The main thing what we’re trying to do is give people a voice because we all feel a bit useless.

“We had a public meeting with Northumbria Water, they just tried to placate us and draw direction towards people flooding their pipes and sewage systems with baby wipes, which is obviously an issue but it’s not the main issue.

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“People are angry about all the crabs that are dying and the massive effect that’s going to have on the ecosystem and we don’t seem to be getting answers from anywhere.”

Jessie Joe Jacobs who was the Labour candidate for Tees Valley Mayor and Mayor of Middlesbrough Andy Preston are due to attend the event, to show their support.

Mrs Reeve said: “We see actual fully formed human faeces on the beaches, complete with sweetcorn – it’s that bad. And the smell is horrendous and it’s all up the North East coast.”

Edith also runs a refill shop and eco hub, The Cut Back in Saltburn.

There are also similar climate events planned to take place on Saturday in Middlesbrough, Durham and Darlington.

Jessie Joe Jacobs said: “Water users from the Tees Valley, from Saltburn to Redcar, North and South, surfers, paddle boarders, swimmers, who at the same time as people across the UK, are gathering to speak to world leaders, to make their voices heard around better policies around the environment.

"This is the local response to that with particular focus on that the sea is important and make sure that within the decision making over the next few days around COP26 that robust policies are put in place around protecting our seas and water."

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