A DRIVER whose car overturned after he sneezed was saved from the wreckage of his flaming vehicle.

Paul Harrison, 30, was unscathed after he survived the horror crash thanks to brave 19-year-old Matthew Norris.

Matthew dragged Mr Harrison from his burning Peugeot 206 after witnessing the accident on Brenda Road, Hartlepool, on Saturday morning.

Paul had sneezed and clipped the kerb making the car roll before it burst into flames moments later.

Luckily Matthew was passing by in his car and dragged Paul from the wreck and away to safety.

Mr Harrison, a forklift truck driver said: "I did not really have time to think. The whole thing was a blur.

"I just remember he was like an angel I suppose.

"It's very touching that someone would do something like that for someone else. I really do owe him."

He added: "I was sneezing and my wheel clipped the kerb, which made the car roll."

Mr Harrison, who lives in Jesmond Mews, Hartlepool, added: "I think I will have to take him for a pint."

matthew, who lives in Pickering Grove, Hartlepool, with his parents, said: "I was going to work and I saw a car at the roundabout hit the kerb and flip over.

"I thought 'that looks serious' and I expected the driver to be badly injured.

Matthew realised the driver was trapped, and with the help of a passing pedestrian wrenched open the car door.

He said: "I was amazed to see the driver crawl out.

"There was nothing wrong with him, he was just shaking."

The teenager, who works at a garage in Stockton, added: "I am quite proud of myself considering that the car was on fire and he could have burned to death if no-one helped him."