FOR the first time in a generation, a‘Trussing In’ ceremony which dates back over 600 years is being held by Theakston brewery to mark the graduation of their apprentice cooper.

Fellow barrel makers from across the country are gathering for the ancient ceremony at the breweries Masham headquarters on Thursday October 7th.

To mark the culmination of his five year apprenticeship 25 year old Euan Findlay has to create a 54-gallon cask, known as a hogshead, along with fellow coopers. He is then put into the cask and rolled around the brewery yard in front of family and friends before being unceremoniously sacked as an apprentice and immediately re-employed as a fully-qualified cooper.

To celebrate the brewery is also launcheding a new pale ale, Theakston Stave Bender. Joint Managing Director Simon Theakston said, "We have not had a Trussing In Ceremony for over 20 years, so we are very much looking forward to this special occasion to mark a great achievement for Euan as a fully qualified Journeyman Cooper.

"While Coopering is no longer practised in many breweries, we have always maintained the tradition and we’re now seeing a renewed interest in the craft as many traditional and new brewers explore more cask conditioned beers."

Euan said: "It will be a very special moment that I shall remember for the rest of my career."