THE boss of the company behind the Bilsdale mast says the company is “making sure that we have the skills for the future rather than the skills that we had for the past".

Talking about the redundancies made within Arqiva last year, Paul Donovan said that 200 redundancies were made, instead of the initially rumoured 500.

The Northern Echo:

The CEO continued to explain that Arqiva are currently recruiting for 100 more positions for “skill sets we don’t have in the organisation.”

SITE operators for the Bilsdale mast have revealed their plans to move into new offices based in Stockton in coming weeks.

As part of an exclusive series of interviews with The Northern Echo, chief executive of Arqiva, Paul Donovan, revealed that the plan would allow the company to be “on top of events.”

The new offices, based off the A66 in Preston Farm, will provide a base for volunteers from the company from all over the UK who want to work on the programme.

Yesterday, Mr Donovan vowed to do “whatever it takes” to rectify the situation” for the tens of thousands of people still without TV signal.