IT took less than 10 seconds.

From the first of the controlled explosions to the eerie silence that came with the realisation that another part of our region's heritage was in pieces and gone for good.

The Northern Echo:

Perhaps it was the speed of the decision or the fact it happened during the middle of the night (we understand this was because of the need to close the nearby railway line), but there was an extra sense of sadness to see such an historic structure disappear so quickly, unlike the many months it will take to flatten the Redcar Blast Furnace.

Whether you love or loath the Dorman Long Tower, it is another example of the industry that was once Teesside’s bedrock being lost for future generations.

The Northern Echo:

Bringing the thousands of promised jobs to the Teesworks site will take a lot longer than the fraction of time it took to erase this iconic part of our history.

We hope as much as anyone they come soon enough to allow the next generation to build their own clean, green, industrial legacy.