BEING a citizen of propriety and care, I would explain my worry, indeed despair, with regard to Covid.

When I meet and greet friends and colleagues, they have a habit of standing too close to me and abusing the one metre advice. So I am forced to move away to avoid contact. Then they follow me and stay within the one metre.

Now, being the gent I am, I find it difficult to explain to them what I feel they are doing is wrong. Sometimes I risk their ire by informing them of their folly, and they withdraw, but for only a short time then they return to their former stance.

Am I alone in suffering this problem? I am aware of government advice on the subject, but I feel uncomfortable and indeed Covid numbers are increasing again.

My worries were blown away when I read of the exploits of Lyndon Longhorne in the Olympic pool “Lyndon claims a new British record” (Echo, Aug 27).

What a man. With his physical and mental difficulties, I am ashamed of my miserable complaints.

The guy doesn’t bother about his problems or doesn’t think he has any. From now on he is my hero. His determination knows no bounds. Give the man a knighthood!

Allan Wilkinson, Houghton-le-Spring.