A YARM businessman is set to create up to 30 new jobs in the area after investing in a luxury development.

Crown Parks Ltd, which is owned by Cresswell Welch, 58, is investing in four £1million homes on its Leven View complex just outside Yarm town centre.

He said: “The new eco-friendly homes, which we aim to have completed in 18 months, will be finished to a luxury standard, with six bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and beautifully landscaped gardens."

Developer Nick Leat, 44, who is in charge of creating the new homes, said: “We plan to make these homes as ‘green’ as possible. They will feature solar power and rain water will be captured to re-use for the toilets.

“Once we start to fully develop the homes, we will be looking at taking on up to 30 staff in the local area. We always look to employ locally and will be looking for a wide range of trades people”.

Mr Welch, whose family also live at the Leven View site, added: “All 24 of the properties here are occupied and we have already had interest in the four new homes we are building.

"We are also building a further ten properties at Leven View, which we expect to sell for around the £250,000 mark.”

The Crown Parks owner said the site already has a famous resident.

“The area is very safe and secure, with gates and 24-hour CCTV. One of my own neighbours is the owner of Hartlepool Football Club,” he said.

The four luxury homes could attract more local celebrities, Welch believes. “Yarm is a highly sought-after area and we expect local celebrities and business people to be interested in these four luxury properties, while the other ten homes will be of interest to the over-55s looking for a high-standard residence with beautiful views in a safe and peaceful environment."

Mr Welch also confirmed he has saved the council thousands of pounds on flood prevention as well as bringing back wildlife to a local river.

“The river next to Leven View was completely blocked, causing regular flooding not just to Leven View residents but also to an estate nearby. It was a major issue.

“The local Environment Agency said they could not afford to sort out the problem, so I sent in my developer and we have completely overhauled the river. The water is now free flowing and we are now seeing Swans and other wildlife return. I estimate we have saved the local council in the region of £15,000.”

Welch added: “We are also adding lots of trees to the area, to make it a greener and cleaner environment for all.

"Trees make the area look nicer but also soak up greenhouse gases, adding to the green 'complex' that we want to create.”