A BANKING giant has confirmed that it is closing its closing operations on Teesside to move to Sunderland.

Barclaycard has had a base at Barclaycard House on Massey Road, on the Teesdale Business Park, in Stockton since 2001. Now it will be moving its operations to Doxford business park in Sunderland.

The move was prompted after Barclays reviewed its teams to maximise efficiency.

There will be no redundancies in the move, as all 970 staff will be relocated to the new Sunderland base, 30 miles up the A19.

Barclays spokesperson said: “Barclays has been reviewing its geographic footprint, seeking to drive collaboration by bringing teams together to create efficiencies, driven by ongoing changes in the way people work and where people work.

“The bank has taken the decision to move all operations from Teesside to the Sunderland site, just under 30 miles away. There are no compulsory redundancies for Barclays employees as a result of today’s announcement.

“Bringing our teams together will enable us to innovate at pace for the customers and clients we serve and offer flexible career and development opportunities for our colleagues.

“We will do everything we can to support colleagues impacted by the changes announced today, working closely with Unite.”

However, the move has drawn criticism from Stockton South MP Matt Vickers, who describes the move as ‘bizarre.’

Mr Vickers said: “I am clearly extremely disappointed to learn about Barclaycard’s intention to relocate jobs away from Stockton.

“This region has a tremendous amount to offer. I’m at a loss as to why Barclaycard would want to move away when they benefit from an amazing workforce and from the fact that Teesside has seen exceptional levels of investment over the past two years.

“I will be asking for a meeting with senior representatives from Barclaycard to find out more information as to what has brought about this bizarre move.

“I would also like some reassurances as to what is being done to help employees who may struggle to commute up the A19 every day.”