National training and education provider, Learning Curve Group has celebrated Pride month by raising awareness amongst their colleagues and the wider community of LGBTQ+ history and issues.

The County Durham based training provider, employs more than 540 people across the UK who are all dedicated to transforming lives through learning by supporting learners and employers to achieve success. LCG impacts over 200,000 learners a year through a range of provisions including apprenticeships, flexible learning courses, academies and more. Therefore, LCG believes that they have a duty to ensure all of their staff are educated around LGBTQ+ issues so they can provide the best support to their learners.

LCG have over 50 level 2, flexible learning courses which aim to develop learner’s skills and understanding to introduce them to chosen sectors. These courses can be completed online and are available fully funded, at no cost to the learner. One of the courses that LCG delivers is LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace, which aims to develop knowledge of language, stereotyping and assumptions relating to LGBTQ+ people at work.

The LCG tutors who teach this course put the content into a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session for staff to help develop their understanding of how to continue to make LCG an inclusive environment for everyone. LCG delivers regular ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for their staff to promote continuing professional development and provide opportunities for staff to gain new skills, without committing to working outside of company hours. The sessions are informal and staff can learn at their own pace. Due to the pandemic, staff have been unable to attend face to face sessions so they have been made available to complete virtually through booklets and webinars.

Brenda McLeish, CEO of LCG, said: “It is so important to ensure our staff understand the importance of making sure everyone feels supported in the workplace. The only way to do this is through educating ourselves of LGBTQ+ history and issues, so we gain a better understanding of how we can support the community. I strongly believe in the power of education and I encourage other businesses to provide their staff with training opportunities around LGBTQ+ issues, too. I am very proud of how our staff embraced our Pride celebrations and how they are continuing to raise awareness.”