LEAVE Chancellor Rishi Sunak alone (HAS, June 28)!

All he’s done is work for the City of London helping rich people avoid tax and then marry a billionaire. Now he’s building a private swimming pool with the proceeds. What’s wrong with that? It’s called entrepreneurship, apparently.

It’s entirely my fault that I live in a small terraced house on a state pension after a lifetime of work in education, the media and local government. Silly me for not joining the Conservative Party and making millions.

Criticism of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock is entirely uncalled for. All he’s done is handle the pandemic incompetently, arrange for his Tory friends and others to make millions from Covid and get caught snogging an ‘advisor’ who he appointed without bothering to follow a lot of boring, red tape rules.

Expecting PM Boris Johnson to sack someone for having an inappropriate affair would be the height of hypocrisy, wouldn’t it? After all, accusing a Conservative of saying one thing but doing another is outrageous!

Choosing Sajid Javid as a replacement is a masterstroke. His connections with private health care make Tory plans to sell the NHS to the Americans even easier.

Three cheers for the Tories!

C Walker, Darlington.