A RESPITE care facility providing breaks for children and young people with learning disabilities has been refurbished.

The facility at Roseberry Park Hospital, in Middlesbrough, has been updated by Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV).

The Baysdale respite admissions unit has five beds and offers short stays of one to three nights depending on children's needs, and the needs of their parents or carers.

The young people can take part in a range of activities including hair and massage sessions, sensory relaxation, film nights, arts and crafts, bakery and visits to local community parks and attractions.

Upgrade works include a newly refurbished courtyard garden, equipped with a playhouse, seaside-themed walkway and island, a variety of play equipment, and borders planted with sensory plants. Plans are also in place to create a seaside-themed wall mural in the garden.

Internally, a new hoist and electric changing table have been installed in the bathroom along with a new specialist bath.

There have also been updates to the kitchen and a new clinic room has been created to store and prepare medication.

Martin Saunders, ward manager, Baysdale, TEWV, said “One of the most valuable aspects of Baysdale is that the children and young people are involved with the our service for a long period of time; this means our staff, parents, carers and children and young people develop excellent therapeutic relationships. These relationships help us support families through difficult times in their life as well as helping the children and young people to develop confidence away from the family home and socialising with their peers.

“I am so pleased we have been able to improve the surroundings at Baysdale and install new facilities that will really make children and young people’s stays with us more enjoyable for them.

“On the practical side of things, the new bathroom and kitchen areas will make a real difference for daily routines. The garden is something special and will mean children and young people can enjoy spending time outdoors which is so important.

“The visual impact of the new safety flooring in the garden is remarkable and we are looking forward to involving the children and young people in developing the area further.”