A YOUNG man who went on a crime spree robbing a teenager of his bike, burgling his 'aunt' and attacking another man in his home, has been jailed.

Jordan Johnson's first robbery offence was carried out with a younger boy, who didn't face any charges, despite being the one who brandished the machete, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Nigel Soppitt, prosecuting, said the defendant approached the teenager in July 2019 and threatened the boy before riding off on his bike shouting ' go home or we will kill you'.

In a victim personal statement the teenager said he 'feels like he can't go out on his own' since the incident.

Dealing with the burglary in July last year, Mr Soppitt said Johnson visited his 'aunt's' home with his friend for a drink but returned later in the night to steal goods.

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He said Johnson was arrested at the scene wearing just his socks and tried to tell police he was the one who had chased off the burglars.

The 21-year-old stole a ring during the burglary which had been left to the woman, who he called an aunt, by her grandmother. It was later recovered by police

The final offence took place in a shared accommodation when Johnson and a teenager attacked their victim with a metal bar and a 'fearsome' spiked knuckleduster. The victim suffered cuts and bruises to the head before the attackers stole his mobile phone on February 26 this year.

Johnson, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to robbery, burglary, theft and assault – all in the Middlesbrough area.

Paul Green, in mitigation, said his client had a troubled background, which had impacted on his mental health, and struggled with drink and drug problems.

Judge Recorder Jamie Hill QC sentenced Johnson to a total of four years for the series of crimes. "The victim was forced to hand over his bike in fear of violence," he said. "The burglary a year later was a mean offence – you broke her trust and took advantage of her friendship.

"The assault and theft was clearly a nasty offence and there really was no excuse for treating him in that way."