RESIDENTS of a housing estate have raised concerns over plans for a new development with the same name.

Residents of Bracks Farms in Bishop Auckland are worried about the new development by Gleeson Homes.

One concern is over the increased volume of traffic after the 200 new homes are built.

Residents say that on a morning the roundabouts near the estate already get clogged up and struggle with the number of cars on the road.

They fear the extra 200 homes could add to the traffic issues.

Another concern is the effect on the house prices of the current Bracks Farm estate. The new estate being made up of affordable homes and many residents of the current estate fear it may have a negative impact on theirs, as it shares the same name.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said: “There has been no letters or warning about this. I think they're trying to sell these new homes of the back of ours.

“People at the bottom of the estate have massive problems with traffic from the roundabout and on a morning the traffic tails back."

The residents are putting together a petition for Gleeson Homes to reconsider the name.

Another resident said: “By calling this new development Bracks Farm it will cause confusion all round.

“There needs to be a separation in names within developments.

“I know that residents are concerned about their house been devalued.”

A Gleeson Homes spokesperson said: “Our development is being built on the original Bracks Farm and we have kept its name throughout the whole planning process to reflect its history.”