A man suffered head and potential spinal injuries after falling from a slipway at Redcar beach on Saturday.

Volunteers from the Redcar RNLI lifeboat station and a UK Coastguard rescue team were called out after the who had fallen down the side of the slipway near the Beacon, at 1.20pm.

The man was stabilised before he was placed on a spinal board and carried to an ambulance. He was taken to hospital for further treatment.

While this incident was ongoing, further lifeboat crew from Redcar were tasked to a woman complaining of non-injury back pain close to the scene of the other incident.

The woman responded well to pain-relief gas at the scene and did not require any further medical attention.

Derek Robinson, deputy launching authority at Redcar RNLI, said: ‘It was unusual to have two medical emergencies come up at the same time. Fortunately they were very close to each other so we were able to divide the RNLI and UK Coastguard teams to cover both situations."

He added: "RNLI lifeboat crews, lifeguards and UK Coastguard rescue teams all train to the same standard. That made it so much easier for everyone to work as one team to bring both incidents to a good conclusion."