A HEALTH and wellbeing organisation is celebrating the dedicated work of its growing team of volunteers.

The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) is honouring Volunteers Week by shining a light on their volunteers work across North-East health and wellbeing projects and at their own headquarters in Newton Aycliffe, at the Pioneering Care Centre (PCC).

The PCC has seen volunteers lend a helping hand to maintain the community garden space for service users and the public to enjoy, which has required a lot of work.

Carol Gaskarth, chief executive of PCP, said: “Our volunteers have proved to be a lifeline to many of PCP’s projects and services, including the PCC community garden space.

“Our community garden has thrived with the support of our team of volunteers, who developed a relaxing space for the local community to retreat to.

“Without the support of our volunteers, we wouldn’t have been able to impact communities across the North-East as effectively and for that we are truly grateful for their ongoing support.”