THE death of radio presenter Lisa Shaw is extremely sad, and our hearts go out to her family and friends.

Although her death has yet to be confirmed as being caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine, it is being linked. So far 332 people are known to have developed blood clots after receiving the vaccine and 58 have died.

Those closest to Lisa must have so many emotions mixed up in their grief. They may be confused, if not angry – how could something that is supposed to protect you contribute to your death?

But the simple statistics show that this outcome is extremely rare – so far, 34m jabs have been delivered.

And we must all, by now, be able to understand that the risks of getting Covid are much greater than becoming seriously ill after the vaccination, especially as the risks of Covid don’t just apply to ourselves: we could pass it on to other people who could be badly affected by it.

As time goes on and the rate of infection falls, so the balance of risk changes, which is why people under 40 are to get a different vaccine.

But for those over 40, all the statistics suggest that you are better getting AZ vaccine than not.

We hope Lisa’s terribly sad death will not scare people into opting out of what is their social responsibility.