A DRUG driver who caused serious injuries to a young cyclist when he smashed into him at 60mph has been jailed for three years.

Harry Summersgill had taken a cocktail of cocaine, cannabis and ketamine in the hours before he ploughed into the youngster as he cycled to Preston Park with his father.

The boy's parents read out emotional statements to express their anger and pain when Summersgill was sentenced at Teesside Crown Court this morning.

His father, who was wearing a camera as they cycled to the park, recorded the devastating aftermath caused by Summersgill's dangerous driving.

The footage was not shown in open court as it was too distressing.

The Northern Echo: Harry SummersgillHarry Summersgill

In a victim impact statement, the boy's father said: "You were too caught up in your own selfish act of self-destruction to even care about the consequences of your actions, for anyone or anything.

"Seeing my little Noah disappear before my eyes in an explosion of metal and glass as you drove that car into my defenceless son."

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving in connection with a crash involving a white Mercedes Benz and two cyclists on Yarm Road in Eaglescliffe at 7.15am on Sunday, February 28.

The Northern Echo: Summergill's damaged MercedesSummergill's damaged Mercedes

The court heard how CCTV footage recovered following the incident showed Summersgill staggering around before jumping into his car and driving off minutes before the impact.

Summersgill, of Whitehouse Croft, in Long Newton, Stockton, who was already banned from driving for drug offences, was given an extended ban of six and a half years.

Judge Howard Crowson said: "The recording of the events, and I have watched them, are very moving - it must be unbearable to watch if you are his parents.

"The moment when Noah wasn't moving must have seemed like a lifetime to his father."