POLICE are growing concerned about youths lighting fires near wooded areas surrounding a town’s cricket club.

Crook Police have received reports of youths continuing to cause issues in the woods located near Crook Cricket Ground, whereby fires are being lit with no regard to surrounding trees and the Cricket Ground's fencing.

Not only have the police had to deal with fires but some of the youths have been climbing over the fence.

Upon entering the grounds of the Cricket Club the youths caused intentional damage by kicking out fence panels and using these as firewood.

Further damage was caused by ripping out electrical equipment including a CCTV camera over the weekend of May 21.

This is not the only incident of vandalism as officers are also investigating an incident at the Spectrum Ground.

This behaviour has been deemed unacceptable and officers will be conducting enquiries to identify those responsible.

Officers from Crook Police are now asking parents to know the whereabouts of their children and to speak to them in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour as well as vandalism which a criminal act.

Anyone with any information about the incident at the Cricket Club, is asked to contact Crook NPT on 101.