A CASE brought by a member of the public as an intended private prosecution against a former police officer for allegedly perverting the course of justice has been dismissed.

Following an application made on behalf of ex-Durham Constabulary detective, 50-year-old David McChesney, Judge James Adkin said he was not satisfied there was a case to answer.

He stayed proceedings at Durham Crown Court, dismissing the case, and said he would issue a written judgement to concerned parties.

A Bishop Auckland man brought proceedings, alleging that Mr McChesney did a series of acts tending, or intended to pervert the course of justice by allowing him to be prosecuted for criminal offences which he knew he had not committed, between January 8, 2008, and March the following year.

The man who brought the intended prosecution told a recent hearing he hoped the Crown Prosecution Service would take over the case from him, but he had received no update in three months since he made his request.

Adjourning that hearing, the judge told Mr McChesney’s counsel, Benjamin Haigh, that it would be for the defence to bring an application to have the case dismissed if the CPS did not take charge of the prosecution within the following 14 days.

A provisional trial, set for a June 1 start, will no longer take place.