IDYLLIC scenery along the North-East and North Yorkshire coast makes the region perfect for picturesque drives, but it's also great for electric cars too.

Car dealership Lookers has put together a list of the top road trips in the UK with manageable distances and charging points for electric car drivers. 

One route from the North-East and one from North Yorkshire made the cut.

The company recommends drives explore the North-East by travelling from Gateshead to Tynemouth, hitting famous landmarks on the way.  

Drivers will pass the Tyne Bridge and the Angel of the North on their way to the coast, where the historic priory waits.

This short but sweet day trip is a great way for new electric car owners to get to grips with it. 

Alternatively, embark on a day-long road trip through the largest English county - Yorkshire. 

Starting in the historic city of York, this is a trip rich in literary heritage and will see you pass through the North York Moors, home to the Bronte sisters and ending in Whitby where the gothic novel Dracula was set.

A Lookers spokesperson said: "As electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity and given the necessity for staycations this year, we wanted to pull together the best road trips in the UK that are suitable for such vehicles that don’t compromise on adventure.

"Whether you are looking for a family road trip or a weekend getaway with friends, there will be a route around the UK to suit your needs."

The guide to scenic but electric-friendly routes also highlights Scotland's The North Coast 500 and a five-day road trip from Bournemouth to Margate.