A WOMAN described as "the best-dressed dog walker in York" has choked to death after eating a jam sandwich.

Pamela Turner died despite the efforts of carers and medics to save her life, her family told The Press. She was 77 and her funeral took place on Friday, with a service in the chapel at York Cemetery followed by a private cremation.

Pamela, who had a love of fashion and of dogs, leaves a widower, Peter, three sons, three grandchildren, two great grandchildren and her pet dog, Elsa.

It was Elsa who raised the alarm after Pamela began choking at her home in Huntington.

Elsa also led the funeral procession on Friday.

The Northern Echo:

Pamela's son Nick said: "She was choking on a jam sandwich and the dog heard her and alerted her carer. The carer could not get the piece of bread out so phoned for an ambulance."

Nick said his mum was revived but suffered a series of cardiac arrests and passed away after the tragic incident.

He said: "It was an absolute fluke - it's awful what life throws at you. But she has passed and we have got to get on with life. We just have to make her send off as nice as it can be."

Nick said his mum was "very outgoing" and "loved animals".

She adored shopping for clothes and many sympathy cards described her as "the best-dressed dog walker in York", said Nick.

He added: "She - and other dog walkers - used the Park & Ride area at Huntington. They would go to Costa for a coffee.

"Mum liked going to M&S at Vangarde to buy clothes. She was very smart."

Nick wanted to thank his step-sister Sally Gentle for looking after his mum in recent years.

Pamela had suffered a stroke last November and spent 12 weeks in hospital over Christmas.

She had an electric scooter and sometimes took her dog out on that, said Nick.

Until that point, she had been lively - and danced at family get togethers, recalled Nick.

He said: "Only a few months ago we got together in our bubble and she was dancing. She loved Neil Diamond or anything that was chirpy and had a bit of boogie to it."

Her step-daughter Sally added: "She was a really well-liked lady. Lots of people said she was the best-dressed dog walker in York."

She added: "We would like to say a massive thank you to Darleys funeral directors - Hayley and Julie."