A BAKERY has moved onto a new site due to high demand for its tasty pastries and special cuisine.

Originally formed from home in lockdown, Eli’s Bakery, based in Newcastle, has whisked up so much new business that they have moved into new premises with demand for their Portuguese speciality bread and pastries constantly exceeding supply.

In December 2018, Sylvester Spinelli and his partner Ana Ribeiro baked their first bread based on the homemade, flavoursome loaves they used to eat as children.

A year ago, their first child Eli was born, and with the couple working from home and looking after their newborn, they created a number of recipes which were tried and tested on family and friends.

The couple received so much positive feedback that they have been whipping up treats ever since, realising they were successful enough to produce the bread and pastries commercially.

“Working from home was great in the sense that we were close by for Eli but it was difficult to produce the quantities of food needed from our small kitchen.

“We decided to do two things – firstly to name the busiess after Eli and then find a suitable premises to upscale our work,” said Mr Spinelli.

With support from North Tyneside Business Forum and The Business Factory, the couple found a unit in Killingworth and created Eli’s Bakery.

“We have gained a large customer base from the nearby industrial estates and beyond.

"Customers are coming to us from West Moor, Killingworth and even Newcastle to taste our speciality breads and cakes.

“We have chosen the right place for the business and we are grateful to everyone who has helped us on our journey.”

Karen Goldfinch Chair of North Tyneside Business Forum said: “I really enjoyed visiting Eli’s Bakery. The food is delicious and it’s great to see a business started during lockdown expanding so rapidly.

“It really has been inspiring to see Sylvester and many others doing so well after such a difficult year, they’ve risen above the challenges and are now looking to take on an apprentice too, what an achievement."

"Being able to help businesses like this through the Forum is the icing on the cake”

The North Tyneside Business Forum is run by a management group made up of members from various industry sectors in the Borough and gives support in the form of networking, events and signposting for growth and development.

Membership is free and open to any business of any size trading within for the forum which is supported by North Tyneside Council.