NORTHERN Echo readers have been responding this morning to the newly unveiled plans for Darlington Station.

The Bank Top station has been earmarked for a 100million redevelopment to increase rail capacity.

The first images of what the long-talked about redevelopment could look like have been revealed as a consultation gets underway on the proposals.

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This is what some of our readers have had to say this morning:

Robert Douglas-Reeves

The surrounding areas definitely need improvement. The majority of the work is beneficial to the station, although the Neasham side will be dominated by a pretty ugly car park. I’d be more interested in the expected cost to park there - it’s already ridiculously overpriced which is why people park on neighbouring streets. I suspect the same will continue. Nice idea. Good to invest some money. Not convinced by all of it but definitely better than the tired station we have now.

Dwayne Robson 

Looks great a step in the right direction for Darlington’s future but the problem you have is people don't like change and will object to everything and anything.

Sue Davison 

Well I think it’s a great move The original part of the station is still retained, just brings us in to the 21st century- a mix of old and new

The Northern Echo:

Gillian Morgan Collingwood

Bit modern for me, I like the way it looks now

Doug Embleton

Little if any “heritage” on view here. Totally at odds with the impending 200th

Sarah Hubble 

Fab to have better facilities and we don't lose the original building and the history now if only we could fill all this empty office space eh

Tim Ellis 

looks like another money pit...

Barry Robinson 

Another disaster looks more like college on Haughton Rd keep dton as was victorian town

Jacquie Hauxwell

Go for it, we need better train access

David Slaven 

What you get with people in this town is they hate change and love to moan. You can literally hear them moan about something being updated, and when it happens, they moan to say it should've been left alone. We have a very strange townfolk. I for one think the redevelopment is a step in the right direction (with the exception of seeing Hogans go).  Bring on the future.

Christina Oldham-Dunn

Looks like a waste of money to me. £100m could do so much more to a community if it was spent in the right way...just saying 

The Northern Echo:

Scott Blackett 

Not before time finally moving into the 21st century 

David Symington

Vanity substance.

Ste Dixon 

I'm really dubious of this. It's making the original building redundant


There are no trains anywhere in this illustration.
Just fix the roof, clear out the gutters and fix the gutters and then paint the one we have.
Britain has some really great railway stations. Yes of course we wouldn't build them like that now if we were building them from scratch. But we are not building them from scratch. We are looking after the ones our Victorian forefathers built for us and they are as important as stately homes.
No one would suggest a new redeveloped Raby Castle or a new redeveloped Bowes Museum would they?

David Lacey



Monstrosity. Renovate that beautiful old building and spend the rest on the old indoor Market building.


Looks awful to be honest.


decent design. Shame that there are no h2s trains going there. Council seem more interested in trains that dont move. Any chance we could improve the general service.