EVERYONE loves a bit of true crime with the genre blowing up as Netflix audiences binge documentaries on serial killers - but could you live near one? 

The team at www.onlinemortgageadvisor.co.uk has created an interactive map revealing where some of the UK’s most famous serial killers used to live, including Peter Sutcliffe, Jack the Ripper and Fred and Rose West.

The Serial Killer Homes map highlights where in the country they lived, information on the number of their victims and the average house price in the area.

It also includes a link to Google Street View so you can virtually walk the same streets the killers may once have. 

Some of the notorious killers’ home lives were far more documented than others; Peter Sutcliffe’s house in Bradford was sold to him and his wife for £16,000 back in 1977 and his wife still lives there to this day, while Fred West purchased his family home for just £7,000 in 1973, before it was demolished in 1996 after his crimes were revealed.

The team also analysed the distances between one serial killer’s location to the next, finding that the average distance was just 113 miles.

But a well-known serial killer from the North-East was missed off the list. 

Mary Ann Cotton is said to have had around 21 victims, including three of her husbands and 12 children. 

The woman, who killed her victims with arsenic, was born in Low Moorsley, County Durham, and was baptised at St Mary's, West Rainton, before moving to Murton when she was eight. 

Cotton moves around the North, with her nearest and dearest dying from stomach problems over two decades. She killed her last victim - stepson Charles - at her home on Front Street, West Auckland.

Pete Mugleston, managing director at the mortgage company said: “Recently, the UK has become obsessed with the lives of serial killers.

"This dark side of UK history is so interesting for many reasons, and it’s obvious to see it has many people hooked out of curiosity.

"Being able to virtually walk the routes that some of our most dangerous serial killers took on a daily basis, thanks to our interactive map, is another way to remind us that serial killers were just outwardly normal seeming people living in most unremarkable houses in ordinary areas.

"That, I suppose, is the most unnerving thing about people like this.”