A BRAND new attraction which promises a "great photo opportunity" has been installed at the Metrocentre - and it's completely free of charge.

The Light House Experience in the Forum, opposite Next in the Green Mall, opened on Thursday with a mix of three different coloured houses.

Set to impress visitors until Tuesday, August 31, Metrocentre bosses say that they are gauranteed to brighten their day.

A spokesperson said: "Step inside our happy, calm and energise houses and immerse yourself in a world of light colour guaranteed to brighten your day.

"Make sure you don’t miss this enlightening experience when it comes to Metrocentre located in The Forum near Next."

The attraction features a calm house which has this description: "Take a deep breath and feel your worries melt away as the tranquil colours of our calm house wash over you."

Meanwhile, a description of the energise house reads: "Discover the fun uplifting powers of neon inside our bright orange energise house filled with energy boosting colours.

And finally, The happy house is adorned in rainbow colours, which bosses say is sure to lift people's mood and put a smile on their face.

The attraction comes just days after the Metrocentre welcomed a brand new self-serve drinks store in the Yellow Mall. 

The Selfee store, which hosts a mix of iced drinks including slush, was opened opposite the former KFC towards the end of April.