A MAN has written a book inspired by his beloved King Charles cavalier spaniel – with the poems written from the point of view of Marcus the dog.

Michael Warren, an IT engineer, has published his collection of Marcus' poetry, called A Dog's Tale in Poetry, which includes 28 verses illustrated by Gill McLean.

Mr Warren said: "I have been planning this book for some six years now and had to wait for Marcus to do his thing before I could write a poetic verse for his actions, which obviously takes time.

"I initially thought to just write verses for a poem but friends of mine thought it might make a good book if I could illustrate the verses, and that is where Gill McLean came in.

"Since its launch recently I have had fantastic feedback, with lots of enquiries and sales locally.

"I am really a consultant engineer in IT, but I have been writing poems since I was 14 years old, I enjoy doing it, because my poems are always factual and story-led."

The book costs £5.50 and is available from J&H Maynell's in Richmond and Barnard Castle and Richmond Information Centre.

Also from Mr Warren directly on 01748-823970.