THIS is the moment a climate campaigner was arrested after a “protest of one” road blocks in Durham on Saturday.

Sonny Shepherd of Lanchester, near Durham, was one of hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists who took part in lone demonstrations across the country to demonstrate against the “Government’s lack of action on climate change”.

The demonstration saw individuals sitting alone in busy roads wearing signs with messages about their fears for the future.

Four members of XR blocked roads in Newcastle, Durham and Jesmond – all were arrested.

Sonny Shepherd, a retired primary school teacher and grandmother of five, staged her protest in Saddler Street in Durham city centre.

Police officers gave her a warning, before reading her rights and arresting her, to cheers and clapping of gathered onlookers and some boos.

Sonny said: “Scientists tell us we have less than a decade to act, and yet greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

"I ask our leaders to listen to the science and strive relentlessly to make the changes that we need. The government has made so many promises but has failed to back those up with policies that will actually make a difference.

"I ask our leaders to give us a road map so every business, bank and individual can play their part in stopping the climate crisis. Until that happens, we all need to protest, because if we don’t there’ll be no tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.”