A WOMAN who sexually abused and photographed two young children to send to a convicted pervert has been jailed for six years.

Suzanne Kelly carried out the abhorrent abuse several years ago and her offending only came to light when the man she sent them to was arrested for possession of thousands of indecent images of children.

Jay Perren was caught with a catalogued collection of more than 30,000 indecent images after police seized his mobile phone and an external hard drive when they raided his Stockton home.

The photographs and videos taken by Kelly were discovered amongst his huge stash of child abuse and extreme pornographic images.

The Northern Echo: Suzanne KellySuzanne Kelly

Teesside Crown Court heard how there was no direct evidence that Perren had encouraged Kelly to supply him with the sex abuse images after they met while he was working as a DJ in a local pub.

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, said Perren had a number of previous convictions for sex offences dating back more than a decade.

The court how Perren's home was raided in November last year after concerns about his internet use. In total officers recovered 3,417 Category A pictures and videos, the more serious offence; 2,331 Category B images; 18,339 Category C and 9,489 extreme pornography images.

The Northern Echo: Jay PerrenJay Perren

Perren, of Hartington Road, Stockton, pleaded guilty to possession of indecent images, possession of extreme pornography, breaching his sexual harm prevention order and his notification requirement order.

Kelly, from Teesside, pleaded guilty to charges of sexual activity with a child, voyeurism, and making and distributing indecent indecent images of children.

Nigel Soppitt, representing Perren, said: "The only mitigation in this case is the fact that he entered pleas of guilt almost instantly.

"There's clearly nothing to be said about the offending itself but what is enlightening in that he recognises he has a very serious problem and in that respect he knows he requires help and guidance."

Paul Newcombe, representing Kelly, said: “What may have been obvious to your honour is that when she came into court she was completely devastated and distraught at what she has done and is absolutely appalled at the hold Perren had on her in order to commit these crimes.

“That is a huge burden and a genuine burden that is weighing on her and has been weighing on her for some time.”

Reading from her pre-sentence report, he added: “He found me weak and a coward. She says her behaviour has made her feel horrible and disgusting. She says she obtained no sexual gratification from any of this.”

Judge Howard Crowson sentenced Perren, 32, to four years and four months and Kelly to six years in custody.

He told Perren that his offending had been persistent and over a significant period of time with him actively taking steps to avoid detection and remained a threat to young children.

Turning to 40-year-old Kelly, the judge said: "The abuse, done to satisfy the sexual needs of Perren, are appalling and made worse by your sharing of those images with him."

He added: "I'm prepared to accept that you were persuaded to act in the manner by Perren."

Both were issued with sexual harm prevention orders.