COVID passports of some kind are coming. The few thousand football fans entering Wembley for the Carabou Cup final on Sunday were all waving their phones as they approached the turnstiles because they had to have proof of a negative test, in the form of a text message or an email, before they could enter the ground.

If you book a cruise for next year now, you are told you will have to show proof of vaccination before you board.

But the Government has yet to standardise what information in what form is going to be necessary, and so into the vacuum are stepping people who think they can make a few quid – as our story today about the sale of the blue post-vaccine cards shows.

Quite what purchasers of the cards were intending to do with them is a mystery. Were they un-vaccinated people who were trying to get onto a cruise ship or a job in a carehome?

There are very real moral difficulties with “vaccination passports” but, despite whatever misgivings we may have, they seem to be coming in through the back door. This is new territory for a government, but it should be providing a lead and designing a system that can be used around the world.